Pool #2
Pool Safety Rules

The Pool opens at 8:00 AM and closes at Dusk.  No use of the pool after dark is
permitted. The underwater lights will not be used.  Plan showers, cleanup, etc., so
everyone leaves the pool area on time.

The pool currently has no scheduled lifeguards.  
Parents are responsible for
their own children and guests.  Anyone under the age of 18 must be at the
pool with an adult member at all times.
 Swim at your own risk.

Member families may bring guests.  There is no charge for guests.  Please do not
abuse guest privileges.   
Any large party with 15 or more guests must have a
NPIA #2 assigned lifeguard.
 Large parties are limited to 35 guests.  Large parties
must be approved and scheduled through the pool to avoid schedule conflicts.  The
schedule will be posted on the website.  The party forms are available on the
website.  There is a charge for reserving a large party.  Check the website for costs.

No alcohol or illegal drugs are allowed on the premise at any time.  Ice
chests (coolers) may be inspected for glass and alcoholic beverages.
(Initial: _______)

2. If a lifeguard is present, the lifeguard is to be obeyed at all times.  Disobeying a
lifeguard can result in loss of membership.
(Initial: _______)

3. Do not allow anyone who is not a member into the pool area unless they
are your guests.
 NEVER LOAN YOUR KEY.  All keys have numbers, so they can
be tracked.
(Initial: _______)  

4. Members must sign in at each visit.

5. Members are responsible for their guest’s behavior.  Guests may not be at the
pool without the member.  Managed daycare children may not be brought to the pool.

6. Members with toddlers must designate a baby-toddler watcher.  Be vigilant at all
times; do not turn your back with young children in the water.  Please only use
specific swimming diapers for children who are not toilet trained. A $100 fee is
imposed for cleanup of fecal matter and the pool must be closed for 24 hours.

7. Shower before entering the pool in your swimsuit.  Regular clothes may not be
worn in the pool, but a light colored T-shirt over a swimsuit may be worn as sun
protection.  Please conserve water by turning off the shower after use.

8. Long hair (touching the shoulders) must be secured with bands or swimming cap.

9. Protect your personal items.  The pool is not responsible for loss or theft.

10. Walk and park bicycles/skateboards in racks behind pool building.

11. No running or rough play on pool grounds.  No fighting

12. No animals are allowed on the pool grounds.

13. No gum or sunflower seeds are within the pool grounds.

14. NO GLASS WITHIN THE POOL GROUNDS. This means no glass bottles, serving
containers, or any item made of glass.  Aluminum cans or plastic bottles are

15. No swearing or obscene language is allowed.  Please be polite and courteous

16. Water safety:
  • Soft pool toys and beach balls are allowed at board member’s discretion based
    on pool capacity and safety.  Tennis balls or other hard items are not allowed.

  • Children wearing flotation devices may only swim in shallow water and must be
    accompanied by an adult in the water at all times.  Do not go into the
    bathrooms and leave young children in the pool.

  • Unacceptable behavior in the water is not permitted: riding on shoulders,
    dunking, shoving, flipping or throwing of another person.  These behaviors are
    not safe and could result in injury.  SAFETY FIRST!

  • Diving Board: Only those who can swim are allowed to use the diving board
    and deep end of the pool.  The weight limit for divers is 200lbs.  Diving board
    rules are posted on the building by the deep end and include: Only one
    person at a time on the board.  Next diver must wait until water is clear and
    swimmer is at the ladder.  Review all rules posted by diving board and follow

Your key will be confiscated and possible loss of privileges, if rules are
violated.  The pool board reserves the right to refuse or rescind
membership for violation of pool rules.  No refunds.

Note:  Pool closed signs will be posted during power failure or if fecal matter is found
in the pool water.  

There is a $25 fee for replacing a lost key.

We accept and understand the pool rules of NPIA #2

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