Pool #2

  •     You are responsible for your guests and their actions.

  •       Do not leave the swimming pool door open for your guests.  You must let your
    guest into the pool complex.  Do not let in people that are not your guests.  
    Members have their own key.

  •       When you leave your guests must leave.  Guests must be accompanied by an
    adult pool member (Age 18 or over) at all times.

  •       No alcohol is allowed in the Pool Complex.

  •    The pool no longer has a lifeguard.  Please designate pool monitors to watch
    your group. [Delete: You may not have a pool party without a lifeguard.  A lifeguard
    will be assigned to your party.  The cost of the lifeguard will be charged when the
    party is scheduled.]

  •       Please do not bring party glitter into the picnic area.  You will spend hours
    cleaning it up.

  •       All eating should be done in the picnic area.

  •       NO GLASS WITHIN THE POOL GROUNDS. This means no glass bottles, serving
    containers, or any item made of glass.  Ice chests (coolers) may be inspected for
    glass and alcoholic beverages.

Clean up:

  •       Clean up the tables in the picnic area.  There is Simple Green cleaner in the
    picnic area and there are paper towel in the restroom.

  •       Sweep the picnic area.  There is a broom and dustpan in the picnic area.

  •       Make a general inspection of the pool area.  Please clean up any litter left by
    your group.

If you leave the picnic area in the same or better condition than
you found it you should receive your cleaning refund.
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