Pool #2

To have a pool party you must have a pool membership.  Click here for
membership information.

The party is limited to 35 total attendees.  The limit is 35 because the pool is a
shared facility and other families will be accessing the pool during the party. Any
large party with 10 or more guests must have a NPIA #2 lifeguard. Unfortunately,
the pool no longer has a lifeguard.  [deleted: A lifeguard will be assigned to your
party. The cost of the lifeguard will be charged when the party is scheduled. The
cost of the lifeguard will be $15 per hour].  Parties are limited to 4 hours unless
otherwise approved by the board.  The cost to schedule a party of less than 20
people is $30 and  $50 for between 21 to 35 people.  The
pool party request
form and payment must be received at our office at least one week prior to the
event.  Check the
party schedule page for a calendar of parties.  Parties are
scheduled on a first come first served basis.  
A party is not confirmed until
notification is received from the pool. Do not send out invitations until it
has been approved.
 Party rules are subject to change.

There is a $50.00 refundable cleaning fee for each party.
Pool party policies and cleaning requirements
Pool party request form
Memberships Available