Pool #2
2018 Annual Membership fees:

We are no longer accepting any new members from outside the association.  
Unfortunately, too many outside members were not abiding by the pool rules.  These
rules were meant to provide a family-friendly swimming pool.  There will be an
exception for some outside members who have been using the pool for over 5 years.  
Email us if you have questions.

$25 per family for homeowners in NPIA #2 + $200 assessment.
$200 for renters living in an NPIA #2 property where the landlord is current
on their fees otherwise it is $350.

Question:    How do I know if I am a NPIA #2 homeowner?
Answer:       An NPIA #2 home is part of the original NPIA #2 development.
To see these addresses click on the link  
NPIA #2 Homes

2018 Pool Sign-Ups Sessions
Sat. May 5, 1 – 2pm  
Sat. May 12, 1 – 2pm      
Sat. May 19, 1 – 2pm
Tues. May 22, 7 – 8pm  
Sat. May 26, 1 – 2pm (opening day)
Tues. May 29, 7 – 8pm
Sat. June 2, 1 – 2pm
Tues. June 5, 7 – 8pm
Sat. June 9, 1 – 2pm
Sat. Jun 16, 1 – 2pm
Sat. Jun 23, 1 – 2pm
Sat. Jun 30, 1 – 2pm

To become a pool member you must:
·        1. Complete the information on the appropriate application
NPIA#2 Homeowner application
     Outside member application
·        2. Provide a check for the appropriate amount (payable to NPIA#2)
$350 for Outside members
$25 for NPIA#2 Homeowners ( + $200 assessment)
·        3. Read and sign the
Pool Rules
·        4. Bring these complete forms to a sign-up session

As a pool member you receive a pool key and can access the pool
during pool hours.  There are no lifeguards so anyone under the age of 18
must be at the pool with an adult member at all times.  Swim at you
r own risk.

If you can't make a sign-up session email to make an appointment.
A Fun Family-Friendly Swimming Pool
Memberships Available