Pool #2
The Northwood Park Improvement Association No 2 is a
Non-Profit Corporation owned, funded and operated by the
homeowners of the
201 homes located at Tract No. 3465, Lots 264 to 307
and Lots 309 to 436 as well as Tract No. 3466, Lots 437 to 444 and Lots
446 to 466. The homeowners association was established in 1963. As
shareholders in the corporation, the homeowners within the
boundaries of the association are responsible for the maintenance and
upkeep of this Swimming Pool Complex.  The association, membership
fees are only used for the operation and maintenance of the facility.
Although the pool was originally built to meet the recreational needs of
the 201 homes surrounding the facility, Pool #2 now offers a limited
number of memberships to families outside of the Northwood Park
development. The number of memberships available each year is
dependent on how many homeowners in the association decline active
Corporate Documents

Regulatory Agreement
Articles of Incorporation
NPIA#2 Homes

         2018 Annual Meeting Minutes
         2017 Annual Meeting Minutes

         2017 Fund Balance
         2016 Fund Balance
         2013 Fund Balance
         2008 Fund Balance
Escrow Documents
Board of Directors
  • Steve Epp ,  Board President
  • Bharath Shetty,  Board Secretary
  • Linda Byers,  Board Treasure

Become a candidate for the Board of Directors  (self nominate by March 1)
A Fun Family-Friendly Swimming Pool
Memberships Available